The future is always balanced – no turmoil, no despair

Many of us are in despair as we start 2023. I must say, I have been in that group. It is hard to be optimistic when we face political turmoil in every country and when we see thousands of people tortured and killed intentionally, by fellow “humans’ like us.

But I find solace in the very nature that created and evolved us. The future will cradle us, with the same sun, moon, and earth.

It will bring everything into balance, whether we want it or not.

Let me invite you today, to think about two things, the poetic nature of spheres, and death.

Why is earth a sphere?

The larger question is why nature prefers a sphere. The technical answer is gravity leaves it with no other option. In order for matter to survive the onslaught of gravitational pull, every point on the surface has to be equally distanced.

Only a sphere allows every point on its surface to have the same distance from the centre, so that no part of the object can further ‘fall’ toward its centre. Gravity just keeps on pulling.

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The center of our social network

This balance has to be created this shape must arise. No matter what kind of turmoil nature experiences. The planets just remind me of the gravity of our social networks, and how we constantly fight it.

On Twitter, and Facebook, we fight each other, we fight through manipulation, deceit, and bullying, but the center of the social network will remain to be our brain, our logic. In the words of the philosopher king:

“Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.”

Just like gravity will destroy any other shape but a sphere, our networks without logic at their center will collapse as quickly as we build them.

The ultimate balancing act – death

Yes, a morbid thought. But we must realize that when everything fails, death will not. A life ends, a thought ends, and time ends. When things are too extreme on the left or right, death comes and starts anew.

Earth’s history is full of examples of “reset”. Perhaps, dinosaurs were wiped out to re-create balance so that human civilization rise. Make no mistake human civilization can similarly be wiped out, intentionally by us, or by nature hurling a few kilometers long Metroid.

End scene

Welcome to the new year.

As old as time is, we must be older.

As the flowers take a breath, we resuscitate.

As the sun looks upon us we rise.

And then under the shade of mother moon, we rest in eternity.

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