Nvidia to bring supercomputing power to gaming GPUs

Nvidia is set to release a new graphics card, the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan, that harnesses GK110, the GPU architecture present on the Kepler technology used for general-purpose GPUs in supercomputing. Their biggest customer in the space, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has recently upgraded their fastest supercomputer, called the Titan, with 18,688 Tesla GPGPU cards [...]

How can I improve my mental quickness?

Puzzles, exercises, and games are for people who can’t or don’t want to think. If you want to sharpen your mind, you need to think, think hard, think a lot, and think about everything. You can solve games, puzzles, or exercises, but whether this translates directly to other mental skills is questionable. Obviously if you can [...]

Top 5 Living Theoretical Physicists

Here is a list of top 5 physicists living today: Leonard Susskind He was a plumber when he was much younger, decided to do theoretical physics. He invented string theory. He’s also the guy who lashed back at Stephen Hawking with his theories on information theory and black holes. He also invented the holographic principle. He [...]

Jump Robot, Jump


What about Microsoft Surface: Beauty, Elegance, Simplicity, and now Power?

Before I get into talking about Microsoft Surface, let me rant a bit: Little Rant about anti Microsoftism It is really  a shame that Microsoft cannot catch a break from all the complainers. It seems like no matter what Microsoft does, their stuff is just not good enough. I am not a fan of Microsoft [...]

Iphone 5 is ugly!

All right the title of this post is a bit tamed. It should have been Iphone 5 is the biggest disappointment of the century. Granted it is the beginning of the century, so perhaps there will be more apple products. As you know by now this blog post will be heavily biased against iphone 5, [...]

Solar Energy with your Microwave?

Well you can’t exactly use your microwave to produce electricity or put it in sun and it will cook your stuff, but now you can use it to produce an important compound used for Solar cells very cheaply. Reportedly researchers at Oregon State use microwave heating to synthesis copper zinc tin sulfide. So what is [...]

Google glasses and Holoflector, Augment your Reality

Here are couple of things you never heard of Google glasses and Holoflector. These are I would say the first important step towards viable augmented reality future. They are from rival companies Google and Microsoft. Without further ado,:

Your Three Wishes For the Genie

What future technology would you like to have today ? If Aladdin’s genie gave you three wishes, what would  be your wishes? Here is my list: 1. Super brain Yes, I wan to be able to read and absorb the entire content of internet in light speed. In fact, I want to be the internet. [...]


Sun Slowing , a Little Ice Age Coming

Are you up for a quiet little ice age?  Then pack your bags, based on recent observations, in our near future, we might have one. It seems like our Sun is about to become quiet. Not forever though, just for a while its activity will be lower. A little explanation: To most of us sun [...]

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