Our future ( vision of the future)Fifty years 𝚘𝚗

1.Sir David King, former scientific adviser to the British Government Fifty Years On If we don’t reduce carbon emissions, the earth will become warmer, polar ice will melt and the oceans will rise. People will flock inland from coastal areas causing overcrowding in many cities, where the population is already too high. Cities like London […]

Technology story

History shows that before the modern era, humans invented art and poetry in a mythical world but now this happened in a different way, not in the world of poetry and art. Now man was entering a world that was unique in all of history and that was the birth of technology by man The […]

Beneath the Surface: The Hidden World of the Ocean

The ocean covers 70 percent of Earth’s surface. It contains about 1.35 billion cubic kilometers (324 million cubic miles) of water, which is about 97 percent of all the water on Earth. The ocean makes all life on Earth possible and makes the planet appear blue when viewed from space. Earth is the only planet […]

Coffee technology and automation to Good Mornings. Better Coffee, Better Days

In the Islamic world Islam considers alcoholic beverages haram, and coffee was used as a substitute for alcoholic beverages. This drink became very popular and acceptable from the 13th century AD, and until the beginning of the 15th century AD, it was widely consumed in Egypt, Syria, and the Ottoman Empire, and coffeehouses were established […]

The Coming AI Revolution

_ What is artificial intelligence ? _ How many models dose it have ? _ will it progress so much in the future that it will take the place of our jobs? _ And can it kill us ? Today we want to write about artificial intelligence in general it has been going on since […]