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History shows that before the modern era, humans invented art and poetry in a mythical world but now this happened in a different way, not in the world of poetry and art. Now man was entering a world that was unique in all of history and that was the birth of technology by man The beginning of the philosophy of technology ? The first philosophers who proposed the philosophy of technology or in some way became the basis of this thought are modern philosophers whose fields were created by “Francis Bacon”, “Galileo” and other thinkers of the Renaissance period. But in fact, the philosophy of technology has not been dealt with by classical philosophers The industrial revolution was not a revolution that led to a particular century, this revolution became the foundation of modern revolutions in the present centuries, among which we can mention the information technology revolution as the science and technology of the world, which in the future can be revolutions He witnessed greatness such as the genetic revolution, plasma technology, the electronic revolution of artificial intelligence and the virtual age, all of which were born of the idea that invented fire engines (the first industrial revolution). These revolutions will undoubtedly turn the world upside down soon. It can even be said that the type of human relations will also change as Kevin Kelly and Manuel Castells and other contemporary technologists have. At this time, it will be possible for a few people to form stable families (family formation and stable living of people together in one place for several years). Unless they go back to the classical era. In other words, people’s lives will become fluid.

What is the position of man in the age of technology and information age?There are hypotheses about this. The first hypothesis is related to utopists and utopia supporters, that is, those who think about the place of settlement. According to them, after some time, the machines will become self-sustainable and fully automatic. With the occurrence of such events, man will be destroyed, that is, the apocalypse of man will come and another type of life will be formed in the world, and those machines will continue the way. Something that we see a shadow of in the film Matrix or Terminators. Of course, despite such an initial control, some believe that such a thing will not happen, so that mankind will destroy its destroyer before it is destroyed According to the critics of technology, it is believed that man wants to destroy himself with his own handsThe history of technology, The use of tools by early humans is part of the process of discovery and evolution. Early humans evolved from a species of predaceous hominids that were bipolar with a brain mass roughly one-third that of modern humans; Tool use remained relatively unchanged for most of early human history. Roughly 50,000 years ago, the use of tools and a complex set of behaviors were considered by many archaeologists to be associated with the emergence of a thoroughly modern language. Stone tools Handaxes from the Acheulian period, Clovis point, made through pressure flaking by hominids used primitive stone tools millions of years ago. The first stone tool was little more than a broken stone. But about 75,000 years ago, compression breathing was a way to do very subtle things.

According to scientists at the University of Colorado in Denver, one of the factors that forced cavemen to innovate and make tools to survive was climate change.

Now we want to explain to you some of the technologies from the beginning to the endTelevision (1946 AD, corresponding to 1325 AH)Have you ever thought about the first television on the planet? What was it like and what image did it show? What are its dimensions and what is it used for? That it doesn’t work with a single gesture on the control like these days and it doesn’t have control with today’s shape and image at all.In 1862, an Italian scientist named Causli built a device that transmitted simple images using the telegraph. Causley’s invention was the background to the birth of a wonderful creature. It took years for this device to successfully transfer photos. However, the first human invention in the last 100 years was the television, which was born in 1925, in the hands of John Logie Bird. After years of working on video systems, Brad finally managed to send the first image through cable and build the world’s first official television. A few years later, Dr. Alexandersen expanded on the earlier television and created the first home television. A TV that had both the ability to transmit sound and the ability to transmit images.Ra, the first electronic TV, lived in a house without electricity until he was 14 years old. Since his youth, Farnsworth has been thinking about converting images into codes and sending them using radio waves. Farnsworth’s dream has finally come trueThe first television programs were very simple and basic; A black-and-white image of sports competitions. Or simple programs whose actors were hidden under bright stage lights and dark makeup. In 1953, colors came to television. It took years for the images to be colored, until finally in 1972, all American networks were in color.

2- Computer (1946 AD corresponding to 1325 AH)The world’s first computer was not so small. The first computers that came into use were very large and heavy, and were made from a large number of vacuum tubesIt goes without saying that the processing power of early computers was much lower than today’s computers.In general, when we talk about the invention of computers, we mean the invention of the first calculator. Little by little, calculators became more advanced and became today’s computers.The first computer was built in England in 1946 to perform a basic calculation, the answer to which was obtained in 1949. Early computers helped fight the Nazi war machine Calculator (1965 – 1344 AH): ELKA 22 calculator from 1965 was with digital display Laptop (1990-1369 AH): When laptops first hit the market in the 90s, they were basically nothing more than fancy word processors. Heavy and big monsters that had little processing power, but were undoubtedly engineering masterpieces of that era. But what was important was that you could do extraordinary things with a separate, portable device, and that was a phenomenal thing for the time.

Mobile phone (1973, corresponding to 1352 AH)The invention of the telephone is one of the major changes and developments in the modern world after the Industrial Revolution, which was able to create a great revolution in the field of telecommunications. The invention of the telegraph by Samuel Morse “Samuel F.B. Morse” in 1843 made it possible to send messages instantly between two different geographical points. However, the major drawback of the telegraph was that only one message could be sent at a time, and on the other hand, there was still a need for manual delivery of messages at telegraph stations. This factor made Scottish Graham Bell think of creating and developing a harmonic telegraph .The mobile phone was developed by a man named Martin Cooper. The length of this wireless phone was 25 cm and it weighed about one kilogram. After 20 minutes, it was fully charged and had to be connected to the power source. In 1983, Motorola bought the idea, which eventually led to the production of the Dyna TAC 8000X model. The length of this phone was approximately one foot (about 30 cm) and it was charged for 30 minutes. Despite its enormous size, making a mobile phone and making a wireless phone call was a big deal at the time. The price of the first Motorola mobile phone was four thousand dollar .Imagine that instant communication with a person who is in a different location with all the heavy and immobile equipment was attractive, now the same communication without the need to connect the cable somewhere while moving and holding the phone somewhere other than the place. Establish your work or life.


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