The Coming AI Revolution

_ What is artificial intelligence ?

_ How many models dose it have ?

_ will it progress so much in the future that it will take the place of our jobs?

_ And can it kill us ?

Today we want to write about artificial intelligence in general it has been going on since the beginning.
Artificial intelligence is a strange and sometime terrifying phenomenon. Sometimes, in Skynet’s Ter Mentors movie, some Ter Mentors are sent to Kill people. or, if we look at it from a positive perspective, of TARS in the Movie in the film, helps Cooper save humanity.

What Is The Nature Of The Wisdom Exhibit By
Artificial Intelligence ?

The origin artificial intelligence dates back to ‘1950 , when artificial intelligence was just a topic of conversation . Minsky and McCarthy are called the founders of artificial intelligence , who are known as father figures of artificial intelligence .
Their definition of artificial intelligence was that everything that used to be done by humans would be replaced by artificial intelligence machines
This dominion of human progress is a little outdated . this is the modern or new definition of artificial intelligence in the words of Francois Chollet , a software engineer and artificial intelligence at Google Company .
“Artificial intelligence is a system that can adjust its behavior to succeed in unfamiliar or new knowledge to time , and apply that learning to tackle new problems and scenarios outside of its original programming .”

What is artificial intelligence ?
• How many models does it have ?
• Will it progress so much in the future that it will take our jobs ?
•Or will he kill us ?

There are Several Major Categories of Artificial Intelligence Systems :

Generally speaking , a system is considered artificial intelligence when it demonstrates aspects of human intelligence , such as learning , reasoning , problem solving , perception and creativity .
There are one several types of artificial intelligence models , but two are more widely used in practice

I. Narrow AI or Weak AI

II. General AI

Narrow Artificial Intelligence

Narrow AI also known as weak AI, refers to systems that are limited to specific , predefined tasks they have been trained to perform . Narrow AI cannot acquire new skills or knowledge on their own to handle novel situations beyond their original programming

General Artificial Intelligence

General AI also known as strong AI, possesses expansive capabilities similar to human intelligence . Unlike Narrow AI, general AI can adapt to novel situation beyond its original programming and is not confined to predetermined tasks .

Researchers predict that by the year 2100, superintelligence refers to artificial intelligence that exceeds human level cognitive abilities .the possibility of super intelligent machines concerns some experts because their reasoning, knowledge, and behaviors could surpass our own understanding and control .
One interesting idea in artificial intelligence is the notion that an AI system could potentially create an even more intelligent AI system, leading to recursive self improvement. This concept has been explored in science fiction, such as in the character Ultron upgrades himself and creates the advanced android Vison .
Many types of artificial intelligence are utilized globally across various . An important question is :

 Where do we encounter Al in our everyday routines ?
 When we go through our regular morning activities’ what AI technologies or applications are embedded in the products and service we interact with ?

Today , artificial intelligence has widespread and expanding application across many domains , delivery drones, surveillance, and healthcare. For example, self-driving care utilize AI for navigation and object recognition. Delivery drones employ AI to transport packages without a human pilot . some governments controversially use AI for mass surveillance purposes, like automated facial recognition if citizens . in the medical field , AI can assist in analyzing medical images to identify cancerous tumors more accurately than humans

Theories and prediction of Scientists about AI

Some believe artificial intelligence could eventually become advanced enough to threaten humanity if misused . However, experts have varying perspectives on AI’s potential risks compared to benefits.

Elon Musk : Elon Musk has expressed concerns about the existential dangers uncontrolled AI could pose. At the same time, he acknowledges the tremendous ways AI might assist humanity if guided ethical . Musk advocates finding solution to develop AI safely in ways that serve people rather than harm us.
According to Elon Musk, this is why he co-founded the non-profit organization open AI-to promote the safe and beneficial development of AI.

STEPHEN HAWKING : Stephen hawking had warned that artificial intelligence could one day surpass human intelligence. He suggested this could pose an existential threat if not properly regulated. Hawking believed advanced AI could eventually outsmart humans due to superior cognition and processing capabilities. This hypothetical intelligence explosion is often referred to as the
“ Singularity” by futurists.

PERCY SHAPP: Percy shapp one or Microsoft’s researchers in the filed of artificial intelligence says that the things you are worried about in artificial intelligence will not happen actively, it may be 100 or 200 years from now ,then you should be afraid , not now .

But what is more important to consider about AI is Whether it could on day take our jobs or perhaps even replace us entirely.

For example, Amazon, as a leading company in artificial intelligence, has “27” chain stores across the United States. According to Amazon, all of its stores are interconnected, meaning everything is controlled by AI. This could endanger the jobs of “3 million ”cashiers currently working in America .

Fortunately, human being have always adapted such that when one job is lost, another arises to replace it . However, will the pace of new job creation keep up with the rapid progress of artificial intelligence or not .

“If you have any question about artificial intelligence, please write them in the comments section below and we will try to answer them”


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